How it works:

You can with advantage get a refund of the VAT on your purchases at, if you have a permanent residence in a country outside the EU, such as, China or Australia. However, you can not apply for a VAT refund if you live in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Austria. You can read more at

How you do it:

if you want to shop Tax-Free (VAT-free) in our store, this is done by using our own Tax-Free system or a Tax-Free coupon provided by global Blue, which both is provided and filled in by ApS.

Using our own Tax-Free system: Tax-Free system works so that you get an extra invoice on your purchase, which we stamp with our own Tax-Free stamp.

Show the invoice at Customs at the airport before you leave the EU. Here, Customs will stamp the extra invoice you have received, you will then send it back to, both by email and physically. Once we have received everything, we refund the money back to the customer.

Using global Blue Tax-Free system: will fill out the official global Blue Tax-Free Form, that allows the customer to get a refund of the VAT on their purchase, when they leave the country.

Upon departure, the customer presents the goods together with the completed Tax-Free Form and their passport to Customs in the airport, who then stamps the form to validate the export of the purchased goods. The customer can then get their money back by visiting a global Blue refund office or sending Tax-Free Forms back to global Blue.

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